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Emotionally Empty 

Arghhhh grrrrrrr humph!!!!! Not a happy bunny… slept most of weekend and still feel like a bag of crap 😞 heads hurting too 😞 I don’t know how to change my life or get better, I’ve changed my diet so much as everyone said it’s diet but nothing’s changed, not even lost any weight… 😕 I’m utterly exhausted, fed up and emotionally empty. Wish I could just be normal. 



How do you make genuine friends as an adult? 

I’m so lonely. 


People wonder why I am the way I am… is it any wonder that I’m anxious, stressed, depressed etc when I’m made to feel like shit 😦 

I don’t know how to make friends as an adult.. 

I can’t breathe. 

I can’t stop feeling. 

I can’t breathe right now. I can’t stop feeling worthless and useless and lazy and lonely and pathetic and a waste of time and space. 

I can’t stop feeling. 

I’m lost and afraid. What has my life become? Why can’t I function? Why aren’t I normal? What’s wrong with me? 

I’m sinking further into depression and I can’t pull myself up. I see no light at the end. 

I know people are judging me. I know they think I’m lazy and not trying. I’m trying so hard, as hard as I can. 

I can’t cry.. I want to but the tears are trapped deep inside. I don’t want to be a burden anymore. I don’t want to make my family sad or miserable because they can’t help me. 

I’m a failure. This isn’t how I thought life would play out. I’m ashamed of myself. I’m scared to break free. I don’t know who I am without depression and illness. 

I could vomit right now, my chest is heavy, my breathing shallow, the panic rising. I feel like I’m going to explode. 

I just want a normal life. I want to be ok in myself, to be healthy, to have people want to be around me, to have friends that care, to not be a burden to my family.

 I love my family so much, so much that it hurts. I worry when I’m not with them, I stress about them being ok. I’d fall apart if anything happened to my family. 

I’m having a breakdown and there’s no one around to help me, I don’t feel like I can talk to my family anymore, I don’t want to hurt them or burden them anymore. They’ll listen I know they will but I just don’t want to cause more pain and upset. 

I’m 30 but I’m not an adult. I don’t seem to be able to cope like others do. 

I’m sick and tired of being this way. 

I slept my days away in pain… it’s no life. 

I can’t deal with it anymore. 

I don’t know what to do…





I’ve come to realise that I allow food to punish my body. By that I mean that instead of the usual self harm tendencies i.e. Cutting, I abuse my body by eating and eating and eating. 

Even after healthy meals, I can’t help but be disgusted with myself. I hate myself. 

It’s a form of self harm. It’s as if I want to make myself even more unattractive to others. In order to back up my own beliefs about myself. 

People say I need to love myself before others can but I just can’t reach that level of acceptance. 

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